[3/5] Fünf5 Riesling (Germany)

Very straightforward classic German riesling - that is to say very smooth, thin, and subtle without surprises. Goes down exceptionally easy. It won't set your tastebuds on fire, but there is really nothing out of order here whatsoever. It has perfect balance and at a very good price.

[4/5] Marlboro Smooth

Divine scent, with a flavor that doesn't quite live up to it. I've heard a comparison to crest toothpaste, and that's pretty close to describing the type of mint that these offer. They are smooth and creamy, while retaining that trademark marb artificiality and addictive buzz. Medium/light blend. Super fast burn, and I can guarantee you'll want another immediately.


Morrell Wine

[4/5] Bridgeview Blue Moon Riesling 07 (USA)

A great big, round, fruit and spice flavor (peach/pineapple/grapefruit) with a fire-breathing, alcoholic finish. This is a beautiful sipper, which seems to taste best at room temperature. Walking a thin line between refinement and moonshine wildness.

[3/5] Camel No. 9 Mint

No. 9 is one of Camel's tastier ultralight blends. It has a candy-like smell, and a hint of vanilla type flavoring. Very nice tobacco. However the 'mint' on these is minimal, and nothing special. Indeed the regular No. 9's are preferable to their menthol counterpart. Something slightly dry about the paper feel as well. Shows potential, with room for improvement.


[3/5] Seneca Menthol Light 100's

These are native reservation made, thus they sell about half the cost of average cigarettes. That being said, they also contain 100% additive free pure tobacco. They burn slowly as do all naturals, so a 100 is probably overkill. But the burn is very even, and the draw is nice and easy, unlike AS's. They are smooth and the tobacco seems to be good quality, but the taste is slightly woody and dry. They also leave a strong aftertaste. The menthol is similar to Kool's. Impressive for a budget smoke, however the flavor is distinctly old school.


[3/5] Sutter Home Gewürztraminer 06 (USA)

A sweet and mild fruit flavor to start, followed by a monstrous tongue-smacking dry cheddar finish that begs reflection. This is a textbook gewürztraminer, and an excellent value. Definitely a go-to bottle if you require a straightforward flavor.

[1/5] Banfi 'Le Rime' Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay 07 (Italy)

Watery, tart, woody. Discounted at most stores I've seen it at, and rightly so - a forgettable blend. Not a sipper; serve as table wine.


[4/5] Castello Banfi Florus 05 (Italy)

The nose of this suggests it is straight brandy, however the taste is a different matter altogether. Incredibly sweet, with pervasive honey and raisin flavors, it is quite a mouthful - though the alcohol content is undetectable. It offers a wonderfully complex finish that simply vanishes off the palate, belying the substantial body which was rolling around the tongue only seconds earlier. Fans of vintage sherry will surely take to this.

[4/5] Newport Lights

The gold standard of menthol in the US, Newport offers a crisp, icy flavor and a smooth tobacco that burns rapidly and draws easily. It's unfortunate that price remains higher than the competition, because Newport are clearly the kings of the American domestic 'everyday' menthol.

[1/5] Zonin 'Primo Amore' Pinot Grigio 06 (USA/Italy)

Watery and sour, with a bitter/alcohol laden finish.


[2/5] Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling 07 (USA)

Overly sweet with a pervasive lychee flavor. Would benefit from increased acidity. Goes down easy given the price. Cute labels on a clear bottle. Taste and look geared towards young ladies.

[3/5] Chateau St. Michelle Riesling 06 (USA)

Quite tart with a sour white grape flavor. Slightly watery in a classic riesling fashion, differing here from the others from the Columbia Valley region.

[2/5] Columbia Crest Riesling 06 (USA)

A unidimensial flavor of mild pear and melon. Lacking in acidity. Couples well with spicy pasta.

[5/5] Nat Sherman Classic Mint

Nat Sherman cigarette tobacco is incredibly rich and aromatic. It smells even better than it tastes. If you enjoy After Eight mint chocolate sticks, you will die for the Classic Mint. A very heavy smoke, not at all refreshing but quite comforting. Best enjoyed once a day after dinner. Regal packaging. A premiere brand at high end pricing.

[2/5] Covey Run Riesling 06 (USA)

Syrupy sweet with a pervasive apple flavor. Unidimensional but pleasant. Comparable to an ice wine.


[2/5] Camel Crush

The concept of having a menthol blister in the filter is good, however the blister is relatively hard to break (crush against a lighter) and the filter becomes squashed with the force. The menthol released is very nice, but the tobacco blend is rather stank in combination. Aesthetically perfect.

[5/5] Columbia Winery Cellar Master's Riesling 06 (USA)

A perfect creation! Very sweet, but unbelievably complex and expertly balanced - like an ice wine gewurztraminer fusion. Apricots and cheddar cheese with a touch of spice. Perfect acidity and incredible finish which will leave you smacking for more. Sip on its own as dessert. 

[4/5] American Spirit Menthol Light

Quite strong for a light, closer to a regular. The blend is very rich and tasty - premium tobacco. Substantial amount of menthol in these which may make your lips tingle. Very nice spearmint type flavor. White on white with green band and graphic looks much nicer than the regulars. As typical for A.S. these burn slow and have a tough draw. Great as a regular smoke.

[3/5] Hogue Gewürztraminer 06 (USA)

Extremely spicy. A complex flavor with almost too much going on. A tad bitter. Quite a mouthful to sip. Dark beer and rum drinkers may have fun with this.

[3/5] Kool 100's (Green)

Pleasant blend of moderately strong tobacco. Not quite as smooth as you'd hope from a 100. Menthol is subtle. Nice after a large meal.

[4/5] Camel Frost (Signature Blends)

A delicious menthol that tastes like an ice breaker mint, and a perfect light tobacco blend to complement. Typical camel tobacco which has a slight chemical aftertaste. The look is stellar with light blue and gold, just like Turkish Royals. Would make a good regular smoke, or special treat if you're interested in a unique candy-like flavor.

[4/5] Pelee Island Gewürztraminer 06 (Canada)

Smooth, delicate, subtle, complex. Sweet and sour fruit with a touch of spice. Perfect acidity. Very nice for sipping.

[1/5] Little Penguin 'Summer White' Riesling/Chardonnay 07 (Australia)

The plastic bottle and screwcap are fitting for this sub-par blend. Sour, bitter, flat. Serve ice cold and offset with something sweet.