Morrell Wine

[4/5] Bridgeview Blue Moon Riesling 07 (USA)

A great big, round, fruit and spice flavor (peach/pineapple/grapefruit) with a fire-breathing, alcoholic finish. This is a beautiful sipper, which seems to taste best at room temperature. Walking a thin line between refinement and moonshine wildness.

[3/5] Camel No. 9 Mint

No. 9 is one of Camel's tastier ultralight blends. It has a candy-like smell, and a hint of vanilla type flavoring. Very nice tobacco. However the 'mint' on these is minimal, and nothing special. Indeed the regular No. 9's are preferable to their menthol counterpart. Something slightly dry about the paper feel as well. Shows potential, with room for improvement.


[3/5] Seneca Menthol Light 100's

These are native reservation made, thus they sell about half the cost of average cigarettes. That being said, they also contain 100% additive free pure tobacco. They burn slowly as do all naturals, so a 100 is probably overkill. But the burn is very even, and the draw is nice and easy, unlike AS's. They are smooth and the tobacco seems to be good quality, but the taste is slightly woody and dry. They also leave a strong aftertaste. The menthol is similar to Kool's. Impressive for a budget smoke, however the flavor is distinctly old school.